In game, components are especially relevant to people playing the Mechanic pathway or have the Scientist skill.

Bear in mind that this is only a small selection of components that are available in the world of Dark Tempus, and the only ones you can purchase at character creation.

Power Materials Focus Filter Control Wet Ware
The power category is simply how the device receives energy to perform it's effect.The more powerful the power source, the stronger or more sustained the effect. The materials the device is constructed out of determine how tough the device is; can it take damage? How soon will it overload? The focus is how the device performs its effect on the world, from direct contact to remote field manipulation. If your device alters the world around it, the focus is how it does so. Filters change a substance or an energy into something else. The better the filter the more exotic the change can be, from cleaning air to distorting spacetime itself. This is how your device is to be controled. At it's most simple it is an on-off switch, but some devices may need to adapt to changing circumstances, or follow complicated instructions. The control component is how to manage this. This component covers the intergration of biological systems and organisms into technology. Particularly prevalent in the medical sciences, the intergration of biology has wide reaching applications.

The following table shows the standard components that you may acquire in play. The further down a column a component is the more powerful/advanced it is, but not necessarily the more suitable for any particular device. It will be down to the player’s judgement which component to use. 

Power Materials Focus Filter Control Wet Ware
Nox Oil Natural Materials Direct Focus Physical Filter Contact Switch Biomonitor
Metheum Oil Manmade/Fabricated Materials Explosive Focus Chemical Filter Programmable Switch Tissue Replicator
Energy Cell Advanced Materials Targeted Focus Charged Particle Screen Reactive Program Accelerated Adaptive Cellular Components (AACC)
Fusion Battery Molecular Reinforced Materials Field Emitter Resonance Cascade Virtual Inteligence (VI) Programmable Retrovirus

Example 1Edit

Jess the Scientist has found a sealed box. Not wanting to damage the contents with explosives, she decides to design a laser to cut the lock off. Jess employs David the Mechanic in order to help her construct it. Firstly she gathers a power source, an oil burning engine, and she has two measures of Metheum Oil. To turn this energy into a cutting laser David passes the power through a charged particle screen and feeds into a direct focus (meaning she must touch the target for it to be cut). Finally a simple contact switch governs the power, giving it an on-off switch. The device is wrapped in simple wooden casing (natural materials). Using the device results in cutting open the box, but the energy needed drains one of the units of metheum oil, and sadly the heat generated damages the casing beyond repair. If the laser is to be used again the casing will need to be replaced.

Example 2Edit

Jess has sold the contents of the box to upgrade her components. She employs David again to replace the oil burning engine with a fusion battery, and install a targeted focus. The casing is replaced with manmade materials (steel). David now has turned Jess's laser cutter into an industrial strength mining laser.