All hits are global. Role-playing locational injuries is encouraged, but there are no mechanical effects to this. All weapons do 1 hit unless otherwise stated. Weapons doing more than 1 hit are rare and expensive (grenades, rockets, etc), and will have individual briefing cards that are obtained from a ref. Weapons of this nature will not be available on character creation. There are three states to a characters health that determine how injured the character is and what sort of actions they are capable of. These states are positive, zero and negative.

Number of Hits Characters Condition
Positive Numbers (1, 2, 3,  etc) The character is responsive to stimulus and able to communicate and move around as normal.
Zero Hits (0) The character is responsive to stimulus but is unable to communicate. They may be in a great deal of pain, delerious, or in sever shock. They will be unable to move unaided and may drift in and out of conciousness.
Negative Numbers (-1, -2, -3, etc) The character has life signs (pulse, breathing, etc), but is unresponsive to stimulus. They will be unconcious and unable to move until medical attention is recieved.

We feel that damage, be it from a bullet or being stabbed with a sword, in the real world is not something people can just brush off. To reflect this we strongly encourage players to role play their injuries appropriately. Any injury a character receives that reduces their health to 0 begins a ‘Death Count’. After 5 minutes a further hit is removed from the player, taking them into negative hits. This continues every five minutes until their death. Death occurs at the point where a character’s hits pass their starting number in the negative state. So a character with 2 starting hits dies when they reach -3 hits. A character with 3 starting hits dies on -4 hits. Example:James is a merchant. He has 2 hits. His trade caravan is robbed, and during the robbery his is shot. The thieves take the goods and run, leaving James bleeding on the road. 

Time Hits Character Condition
0 Minutes 1 The bullet reduces James' hits by one, leaving him with one. He is able to carry on moving about as normal as he surveys the wreckage of his caravan.
+5 Minutes 0 Five minutes has passed, and James has not received any medical attention. He has suffered substantial bloodloss and falls to the floor, clutching the wound in shock.
+5 Minutes -1 After a further five minutes the bloodloss causes James to loose conciousness.
+5 Minites -2 James' body has lost so much blood that his brain has become starved of oxygen, and he dies. Rest in peace, James the merchant.

Dramatic HitsEdit

If at any point a player feels that their injury is worse than the mechanic of the rules suggest, they have the full support of the refs and development team to role-play this.


Harry is shot in the head. He has 2 hits, so the shot reduces him to 1. Harry feels it unlikely to still be conscious after this shot, so makes the judgement call to be on 0 hits, and falls unconscious. Equally this can apply to location hits; Having been shot in the leg, Gary walks with a limp after receiving medical treatment. There is no requirement that he does so, but it adds to the character and the role-play experience of all concerned. 

A Note on Death and InjuryEdit

The rules that govern injury, healing, and death are designed to present a system where combat is dangerous. Characters have very few hits, and damage that takes a hit away will need to be treated quickly in order to prevent a fatality. This is to reflect the fact that people don't generally shrug off a bullet wound or an axe to the stomach. That being said, we think LARP is all about the characters stories. Death, and the possibility of dying, is vital to this but we have no intention of forcing a lemming like parade of character deaths simply to make the point that the world is a dangerous place. To balance the need of real risk with story progression and character development, combat damage will only ever reduce a character’s hits to 0. Character death will therefore result from either bleeding out on their death count, or intentional execution.

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