CS-35 Raider
Luna Tech's CS-35 'Raider' P.A.R (or pump action rifle) may appear simple but is in fact a very effective weapon. It was designed with close quarters combat in mind; it has an adjustable stock and long tactical rail. With two combatable grips and a built in recoil suppression system, the CS-35 is one of the most comfortable rifles on the market.

The CS-35 is one of a range of P.A.Rs Luna Tech have produced, and is considered the simplest to maintain. Due to this fact it was once widely used within law enforcement.

The CS-35 is the P.A.R that says you are responsible, trustworthy, and above all else... professional!

Research has shown that 9 out of 10 law enforcement agencies agree that using the CS-35 has made catching felons safer, and that 6 out of 10 inmates say they are less likely to attempt an escape if their guards are using it!

Luna Tech may now be a distant legend, but their P.A.Rs are still just as sought after as their helium 3 batteries.