Enforcer is the catch all term that governs those people who have focused on a martial lifestyle, in all its forms. Professional soldiers, bodyguards, bandits, hired muscle... Whatever the particulars, these are people for whom the shadow of death is ever present... there own or others.Enforcers can be the stalwart defenders of the weak, or the predator who preys upon them. Veterans of the Swarm War or slave traders, the path of the Enforcer is a broad and diverse one, but what nobody can disagree with is it it is undoubtedly a necessary one. 

Skill IC Description OC Effect
Use Bolt Action Firearm "The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will wim and the decent people will lose!" You may use any firearm that requires each shot to be primed manually.
Use Automatic Firearm "Peace through superior firepower." You may use any firearm that has a self reloading system.
Extra Hit "Either toughen up or die. The Wildes allow no other choices." You have one extra hit. This hit can stack with an extra hit from the general skill lits and/or the mutation list.

Enforcers have dedicated themselves to a life of violence in one form or another. Perhaps they are city guards and lawmen, perhaps bandits, perhaps bodyguards. Usually they are only to be found in or around settlements, as someone has to provide them with food and equipment.

Inspiration may come from Judge Dredd, the Operative from Serenity, Clint Eastwood in many things, and the S.A.S.