Everything is worth exactly what someone will pay for it. Food, fuel, protection; Traders are the ones who can provide them... for a price. Few settlements are truly self sufficient; most have come to specialise in producing a few goods or services and trading for the rest. Trade caravans endlessly cross the wilderness, connecting settlements with gossamer thread trade routes. Running these routes is dangerous, and Traders employ guards, scouts, medics, whole teams who safely see the cargo to its destination. Once it reaches its destination, trade posts in settlements make their deals and distribute the goods.There is great wealth to be made as a Tradesman, nowhere more than out on the fringe of civilisation. Pre-Burn artefacts still turn up from time to time, and few monopolies exist in the wake of the Swarm, leaving plenty of opportunity for a savvy businessman.

Skill IC Description OC Effect
Evaluate Materials and Goods "Ooooh... That'll fetch a pretty penny... to the right person, of course..." The Tradesman can evaluate the value of the component parts of an item. This evaluation takes into account the condition of the item, its rarity, and current demand for it. You will be given a code sheet to use with each item.

Trade Deals

May be taken more than once

"I've got a finger in every pie..." You will be given three random resources for each pick of the skill before the start of play. Use them as you wish...
Business Contacts "Everything is worth something if people are willing to pay for it... and I know just the man..."

The Tradesman has a wide range of contacts available to him who can provide him with goods on short notice. To use this skill you should contact a ref to receive prices and delivery times.

Traders are ideal leaders of groups. The Pathway Skills are geared to making money; money that can hire thugs, set up clinics, loan shark, etc. Traders will be the economic powerhouses of Newtown, the influential movers and shakers, gangsters and Godfathers.Inspiration for Tradesman could come from Badger and Adelei Niska from Firefly, Proximo from Gladiator, Yuri Orlov from Lord of War... and Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses