All combat is to be performed with LARP safe weapons or foam dart/disk firing ‘firearms’.Weapons are divided into two categories: Close Combat or Ranged. All weapons do 1 hit unless otherwise stated. All guns ignore Armour (except powered armour).

Melee WeaponsEdit

Name Description Physrep Requirements
Close Combat Weapon less than 18" in Length Any sort of small dagger/hammer/axe etc. LARP safephysrep with a total length of 18" or less.
Close Combat Weapon over 18" in Length A single or double handed weapon such as a sword, mace, pipe, battle axe, non-stab safe spear, or plank with nails in it. LARP safephysrep with a minimum length of 18" and a maximum length determined by whatever the player is compensating for.
Spear A stabbing weapon, ranging in size from a short pilum to a long pike. LARP stab-safe spear.
Chain Weapon A motorised weapon of many cutting teeth on a chain. When powered the chain rotates at a great speed. The physrep must reflect the 'chain' aspect of the weapon, but can be any size from a small knife to a full chainsaw. It also must be LARP safe.
Monoblade Weapon A bladed weapon with an internal power source that somehow keeps the weapon 'sharp'. Monoblade weapons are Pre-Burn artefacts and thus nobody knows how they work or how to construct them. The physrep must have a light source. A recommended minimum is a glowstick tied to the handle. It also must beLARP safe.
Impact Weapon A weapon, usually a hammer or a mace, with an electric generator that creates a massive charge that is released on impact, stunning and knocking over opponents. LARP safe weapon with 'mechanical' components.

Ranged WeaponsEdit

All ranged weapons, except bows and thrown weapons, ignore armour. The projectile must hit the target to cause damage.

Name Description Physrep Requirements
Bow A bow or crossbow. A bow with a maximum draw of 30 pounds, to be used with LARP safe arrows.
Thrown Weapons Knives, bricks, rocks, etc. Any form of coreless LARP safe thrown weapon.
Single Shot Firearm Derringers, single shot rifles, shotguns, etc. A foam disc/dart shooting gun that requires each shot to be loaded individually.
Bolt Action Firearm Repeater rifles, pump action shotguns, etc. A foam disc/dart shooting gun that contains more than one shot. Each shot must be chambered by the shooter individually.
Automatic Firearm Machine guns, automatic rifles, etc. A foam disc/dart shooting gun that uses a power source to reload without the shooters input.

Special Weapons and AmmunitionEdit

It is possible to buy special weapons, and craft or find special ammunition. These are a way of adding a special call to the damage inflicted by the weapon. Special ammunition is a one use item; the bullet physrep will be marked and the player given a card detailing the appropriate effect and/or call to make when using it.Special close combat weapons are slightly different. The weapon is, in all respects, the same as the standard version of its step until it is powered. The weapon will require a certain amount of energy; fuel in a generator, a battery, etc. When it has received this amount (which can vary based on the weapon and effect) the player can make one special call based on the effect of the weapon. After using this call the weapon will need recharging. ===Example:===

Flora has a Monoblade weapon. She charges it with a measure of metheum oil that she bought off a trader. During combat she sees an opponent in heavy armour, and so activates the weapons power source;IC - a molecular disruption field is channelled along the blade.OC - Flora can make one call of ‘Through’, ignoring the armour of the opponent, and dealing damage directly to the other characters body hits.After this use the blade will need to be recharged before it can be used as a special weapon again, but it is still functional as a standard sword.